Judgmental Training Software

Enhancing Decision-Making and Reaction Skills

Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance effective judgmental training using high-definition interactive simulation scenarios. These scenarios are meticulously crafted from anticipated threats or real-world situations that have resulted in officer or soldier fatalities.

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Immersive Simulation Scenarios for Effective Skill Development

Enhanced Training Experience with Judgmental Training Software (JTS)

Discover the immersive experience of Judgmental Training Software (JTS), where students engage with threatening opponents in simulated office environments, assessing threats and responding to active shooter scenarios. Leaders benefit from comprehensive after-action review (AAR) features within JTS, enabling evaluation of student performance and coaching based on current engagement policies. Through challenging decision-making scenarios and real-time reaction challenges, JTS enhances individuals' abilities to respond effectively to potential threats. Leveraging Laser Shot's cutting-edge live-fire hit detection technology, participants experience realistic training scenarios, including drawing from the holstered position and taking cover as dictated by the presented threats.

Key Features

  • Interactive Scenarios

    Engage with threatening opponents in various environments, including office settings and active shooter situations.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

    Evaluate student performance using comprehensive After Action Review (AAR) features and coach based on current engagement policies.

  • Realistic Training

    Challenge decision-making skills and reaction times with realistic scenarios and live-fire hit detection technology.

A Range of Realistic Training Situations

Scenarios Available in Judgmental Training Software

Judgmental Training Software offers a diverse range of scenarios to simulate real-world situations, providing trainees with immersive training experiences. From active shooter situations and traffic stops to burglary scenarios and mental health crises, JTS prepares individuals to handle a variety of challenging situations effectively.

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