Our Ranges

Experience Safe and High-Quality Shooting Facilities

At CRAFM, we provide a secure and premium environment for members, their families, friends, and law enforcement agencies to hone their shooting skills and enjoy the use of firearms.

  • Rifle Bay

    Step into our Rifle Bay, boasting 10 stalls equipped with a retrieval system and a shooting distance of 50 yards. Enjoy state-of-the-art ventilation and exceptional lighting for optimal shooting conditions.

    Key Details:

    • Maximum Caliber: 458 Winchester Magnum
    • Ammunition Policy: Steel-based/core ammunition strictly prohibited. All ammunition must be approved at the counter upon arrival.
  • Pistol Bay

    Explore our Pistol Bay, featuring 12 stalls with a retrieval system and a shooting distance of 25 meters. Benefit from top-notch ventilation and lighting, enhancing your shooting experience.

    Key Details:

    • Maximum Caliber: 50 Action Express / 500 S&W
    • Ammunition Policy: No steel core ammunition permitted.

A simple trick

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Learn a simple trick to verify your ammunition's compliance. Use a magnet to check for steel content in bullets. If it sticks, the ammunition contains steel and is prohibited.

However, always present your ammunition at the counter for inspection.

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